Fun Raiser || Film photographs by Madison Jeffery words by Birralee Hassen

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The Solsoya Fun Raiser, consisting of an art exhibition, Solsoya clothing sale, and raffle prizes to be won by lucky punters, was a great exercising in leaping into uncertainties and trusting that the universe favours the brave. 

Solsoya creator and owner Birralee Hassen, 25 years, raffled off her van, surfboard and custom art pieces, for tickets starting at $20. A total of $5400 funs was raised, with $540 going to mental health awareness group, One Wave Is All It Takes

Emma Bracken was the lucky winner on the night, a little lady legend who can now be spotted steezin' around Byron in PartyQueen. Five minutes before Biz drew the raffle, she went downstairs to the bathroom where Em was exiting. "I want you to have this ring!" She said, passing over a slither of silver with an earthy triangle shaped gem on top. "It means what will be will be". Now I do believe that what will be will be, but Emma winning Party Queen also had a lot to do with Emma. She was meant to be in Sydney until the sunday, but changed her flight to come home early on the Saturday. She bought lots of tickets, $200 worth actually, and bought art and swimmers on the night, upping her ticket count for the final draw. She knew she had it, and the universe backed her. 

Funs raised will be going towards a 1000km bike ride from Portland, Oregon, to Burning Man, Nevada. Along the way Biz will be interviewing people about their personal journeys with mental health. 

Massive thanks to everyone who got involved. Stone and Wood and Treehouse Cider for sponsoring the event with drinks, enjoyed by guests who brought their own cups from home, supporting plastic free july. Lucie and Mahla for cooking amazing food, Madi for taking photos and being all round support, Luke and Nicky for helping to frame the art, Mille for modelling the board, Raphy for raffling, and everyone who came down and supported this fun and inclusive community event. 

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Birralee Hassen