Win a Van for $20 lol lol lol but for reals || Footage by Josh Harrison words by Birralee Hassen 

“You’re what?” is the most common response that I have had from people when I tell them my plan. “I’m raffling off my van” I reply, “you could win Partyqueen for $20”. I’ve had my van for over two years now, and countless adventures and travels have been shared. I’ve always said that I’d never sell it, so a raffle was the obvious next choice, right?


So why is it then, that people are so sceptical? What’s wrong with it? Why aren’t you just selling it? Where are the funds going? It’s interesting, watching people’s reactions. And then in turn observing my response to their reactions. Nothing is wrong with it. I’m not selling it because I thought this way was more fun, and why the hell not. The funds are going to me, the exact same way that they would if I were selling it, except with 10% to an organisation of my choosing, One Wave Is All It Takes, an organisation dedicated to sparking conversations about mental health.


I’m taking a risk here, maybe the van will go for less than what I bought it for, (let’s just say that currently the odds of winning are really good), or maybe it will go for far more than I bought it for. Who knows, who really cares.  Either way the outcome will be what the outcome will be, and I’m just along for the ride. If I can raise some money from raffling off my belongings, enabling me to fund my 1000km bike ride down the west coast of Oregon for mental health, then great. If I can raise extra money, donating some to a cause close to my heart, even better. If I can swap my van for twenty dollars, to someone who really needs it, then that will be the biggest reward.


People are so quick to be wary of things that are different. Different ways of thinking, different ways of acting. “Some of us have to work hard to go overseas” was the response from a good friend when I told him my idea. I am working hard. I’m working hard on organising an event four days before I leave the country. I worked hard to buy my van in the first place. I have been working for the past two years creating my clothing label. I have swapped a lot of my time and energy into creating my artworks. The list goes on. It’s nice, I think, and refreshing to be able to approach things from a different angle. Maybe I am not ‘working hard’ in the way that many people view the term. But I am working hard at making my goals and dreams my reality. Maybe it will work out, maybe it won’t. As far as I’m concerned, people can support me or not. Either way I’m still going to try. Outcome aside, I count that as already succeeding. 



Birralee Hassen