Lennox Head Against the Ski Jump - Lake Ainsworth || Video and words by Birralee Hassen

A proposed Olympic style ski jump at Lennox Head’s Lake Ainsworth is being met with opposition from local residents.

The thirty-eight metres, seven-ramp jump would be visible from the lake, surrounding beaches and Lennox headland.

Many locals enjoy leisure activities around Lake Ainsworth. A place where couples and families walk, people set up blankets and slacklines on the waters edge, kids paddle on the lake and small boats get blown around as sails fill with wind.

The proposed ski jump appears even more ludicrous with the knowledge that other councils, such as Jindabyne and Lismore, have stated that they would happily take the new infrastructure.

Myriad humans and animals would be disturbed by this unnecessary development.

Is the economic benefit worth the irreversible calamity for the delicate ecosystem and tight-knit community?

But what can I do?

Attend the peaceful protest on 27th May at 2:30pm, Lake Ainsworth.

Write or email council before mid June outlining opposition to the jump - ensure you quote the DA number 010.2017.00000216.001

Join the facebook page for updates https://www.facebook.com/Lennoxheadagainsttheskijump/?hc_ref=SEARC

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Birralee Hassen