The Way It Should Be - Where We Live Ft. Dave Rastovich || Stone & Wood

Profiling passionate people who've gravitated to the Northern Rivers for a more conscious lifestyle, The Way It Should Be series tells the stories of locals and their connection to our community, the environment and their craft.

Stone & Wood latest video, featuring coastal custodian Dave Rastovich, reminds us that we are all visitors on this Earth and so we have a collective responsibility. 

Rasta’s message is that by being conscious and treading lightly, we can move forward as individuals, as conscious businesses and as communities. 

We’re so lucky to call the Northern Rivers home and we hope you can share the stoke and be inspired by this special place and its people too.

Director / DOP / Edit: Cape Productions / Pete Rogers
Music: Cotton Jones "Somehow to keep it going"
Sound Mix: Jordan T Power
Colorist: Tim Wreyford
Additional Footage: Nathan Oldfield, Rob Sherwood

Birralee Hassen