I Prefer To Think || words by Birralee Hassen

Being active isn’t only important for the body.

The physical body isn’t the only thing that benefits from being active. It is also important to keep an active mind. Far too often our minds are bombarded with senseless stimuli, keeping us from thinking our own individual and creative thoughts.

There is limitless space in our minds to think of whatever we can imagine, yet for some reason we are all too happy to stay watching thoughts that have already been chosen for us. How often do you think about what you think about?

You finish work for the day, get home, take off your shoes and flop on your bed. Reaching for your phone, you take a couple of minutes to ‘unwind’, scrolling through your social media feed.

An hour later and you find yourself looking at photographs of a child you’ve never met before, their mother a girl who you went to school with in the eighth grade. Which was well over ten years ago.

At a bus stop, in a doctor’s waiting room, the location or situation, really, is irrelevant. What matters is how easily we reach for our phones, and then how easily our precious thoughts are replaced with senseless scrolling.

With the exponential advance of smart technology, the basic need to engage our brains has been replaced. Attention spans are getting shorter. Mine included, I am not immune to this avalanche of technology that has come crashing down upon our society. I am aware that technology has many benefits, many that I use and enjoy and depend upon myself.  

Social media is a great platform on so many different levels and one that I actively partake in. It is when it becomes a thief of one of our most valuable resources; time, that an issue arises.

People are losing the ability to think for themselves. Why would I think about that when I can just type it into Google? Is the information correct? Who cares? Thinking is a like a language, a language which is dying and being overtaken by the language spoken by smart technology.

 So now when I find myself with time to kill, I try to not kill my time. I search for things that make me think, make me learn, make me feel things. At the very least, things that aren’t related to a selfie-stick or a baby kitten.

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Birralee Hassen