Wybalena Organic Farm || Photos by Josh Hedge || Words by Birralee Hassen

I picked up Mardi and Kate from Yoga https://www.facebook.com/theyogablock/ Kate sat on the DIY middle seat made of a stack of pillows, a bunjee cord wrapped around her waist and clipped to my belt buckle.

We made it a kilometre down the road and there was an emergency stop and car swap as Kate jumped in with Jess and her delivery chai tea. Carrying on in convoy we made our way down roads lined with cow filled paddocks and dense greenery.

Half an hour or so out of Byron and we arrived at http://wybalenaorganicfarm.com.au  Turning left, we made our way through the dips and dives of the driveway, parking on the lawn in front of people busily working with their hands. 

My friend Josh was waiting there for us, a big smile on his face as he packed his bag and picked up his camera. "I'll give you guys the tour!" laughed Kate, and off we traipsed down the dirt road.  "Over there is where the sweet potatoes grow, and this is a paddock full of cows, and this is Ella" she said, patting the head of a blue dog that bounded over to us, licking her hello's. 

We arrived at a dam, water lilies floating on the surface. Four pontoons huddled together on the edge of the water, and we jumped the distance to land with a wobble. Jess performed valiantly, proving her little legs long.

The photos came easily, it's not hard to do yoga when surrounded by such beauty. It's fun to make shapes with your body and friends. The windmill creaked in the background, and the cows in the paddock opposite cocked their heads quizzically. Four brightly skinned humans standing on their heads would surely seem strange if you were a cow. 

It was a fun morning, and here are some photos of our time there. All the awesome photos were taken by Josh https://www.instagram.com/joshhedge/ . You can also check out his epic new book www.seedsfortruth.com if you feel like filling your head with interesting and important thoughts. 

Thanks to Mardi, Kate and Flynn ;) for helping me out and being baben' babes:






Birralee Hassen