Solsoya is an ethical active and swimwear label that seeks to promote a healthy mind, body and planet.


Practicing positive mental health rituals, moving your body and caring for your environment are three core components that Solsoya founder Birralee, believes creates the foundation for living an optimal existence.


Using Solsoya as a platform, solo lady boss Birralee’s mission is to create change, starting with awareness. 


After experiencing struggles with mental health both personally, and in her immediate family, it is an issue close to her heart. Striving to control the conscious and subconscious mind has lead her to where is she is today, with an understanding that there is so much more to learn, and share.


Moving freely brings joy. The type of movement best suited for each individual is subjective to personal context. Solsoya caters for all types of activities, whether it is yoga, Pilates, walking, running, hiking, swimming, surfing, climbing, the movement really doesn’t matter, just as long as you’re moving!


Byron Bay designed, Australian made, Solsoya uses a unique fabric of regenerated plastic bottle, ghost fishing nets, old carpet and clothing fibres. Choosing the avenues that highlight the available sustainable options, Solsoya wishes to educate the consumer about just how important their decisions really are, and the repercussions that are felt by our one precious and magnificent planet. 


Join Birralee on her journey, as she learns, creates and shares. 

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